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Modelling, Painting and Terrain Submission Guidelines

All submissions made to this category should comply with the general Dark Magenta Submission Guidelines. No submission that does not will be considered.

The modelling, painting and terrain articles are separated into three categories: Showcase, Masterclass and Terrain. If possible, include the name of the area you are submitting to in the title E.G: ‘Eric Van Hausell - Modelling Masterclass’.


The specifications for submissions to this category are as follows:

  • The submission must include at least three good quality photographs of the model/models.
  • It must also include some form of step-by-step guide to how the model was converted or painted, or the comments of the painter/modeller on certain aspects of the model
  • The models must be at least partially converted. This is not the place for ‘look at my painted Covenant.’
  • We do allow multiple models per submission, provided they have good reason for being submitted together, such as being members of a warband. However, this will not increase the chances of the submission being accepted - if models are really high quality, it would be more appropriate to have each as a separate submission, with more information about the process.
  • There are no guidelines as to which miniature company made the parts for the model, as this is not an official Games Workshop magazine, but a fanzine.
  • We welcome 28mm scale models, but they do specifically need to be for the Inquisitor game and ethos. If your 28mm scale work is intended for another Warhammer 40000 game, we recommend you try submitting to the "28" fan magazine instead.

Some hints on how to give your article the very best chance of being accepted:

  • Plenty of photos – not just different angles, but close ups and shots relevant to the step-by-step guide.
  • Only submit multiple models if they are well themed and look good together. Just slinging your models together and saying that they are a mercenary group will not help – it may be a disadvantage in fact.
  • Bases. It is unlikely that any plain-based model will be accepted. If the model itself is of good standard, we will probably merely return the article to you asking that you model and paint a base, then re-submit.
  • Be original. Try thinking up a nice obscure character type, and modelling it. We are more likely to accept a haemovore magus or an unstable xenos daemon host than yet another Inquisitor. This is not to say don’t submit Inquisitors. Just try and be original.
  • And don’t be downhearted if your models don’t make the mark – we intend to only accept those of a very high quality, and the chances are many will be turned down. Keep painting and modelling, and you never know, your next model might be the one we accept.


The specifications for the submissions to this category are as follows:

  • This category will begin as a submission area. However, after the first few issues, it is possible that it will become request only.
  • Only submit models if you are sure they are high quality – this is a masterclass after all.
  • Articles must include a ‘masterclass’. This should be of reasonable length, and describe in detail the converting and painting of the model, either step-by-step or area-by-area. A submission with thirty photographs and a paragraph of writing will not be accepted – this is about passing on expertise, not showing off models. If you do not think you can do the writing, submit to the showcase category.
  • Articles must include at least eight photos, the majority of which should be close-ups of specific areas relevant to the masterclass.
  • Articles can be of two types: painting masterclasses, and modelling. Painting masterclasses may use an unconverted miniature, or a partially converted one, and should have a before photograph of the unpainted model. Modelling masterclasses should be two part – converting the model, and painting it.
  • Every article should include at least one good end-product shot.
  • Inquisitor28 models will not be accepted in this category.


The specifications for the submissions to this category are as follows:

  • The article must include some form of step-by-step guide.
  • The terrain must be fully painted – no unfinished work will be accepted, obviously.
  • Articles must include at least five photographs. These can be finished product, or WIP shots. At least one must be finished product.
  • The terrain must be clearly relevant to Inquisitor. Photographing Warhammer terrain and submitting it as a feral-world theme is unlikely to be successful.

Some hints on how to give your article the very best chance of being accepted:

  • Submit the appropriate amount of terrain. A whole boards worth will be hard to cover in appropriate detail, but a small shack is unlikely to give a whole article’s worth of material, however well-painted.
  • Keep it as ‘Inquisitor’ as possible. The more in line with the gothic feel of the game, the better.
  • Be original. If we have already published an article of forge-terrain, we are less likely to accept another. The more interesting and original the idea, the better.

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