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Battle Reports, Campaigns and Scenarios Submission Guidelines

Any submission in this are should naturally comply with the general Dark Magenta submission guidelines.

Battle Reports

This includes all forms of battle reports, whether made IC or OOC, either from the gm's point of view, the player's, both, or something else completely - essentially all battle reports from games of Inquisitor. Campaign write ups may also be accepted, as a series of battle reports, with perhaps an introduction at the beginning and a conclusion at the end. If a campaign report is to be submitted, the author should only send the first battle report, and a summary of the campaign, at first. Pictures and maps are requested for submissions of this sort, and should be submitted as described below in the relevant section. Battle report submissions should be at least 1000 words long.


Scenarios for Inquisitor of any type may be submitted. They should be submitted in their entirety, and for them, a brief, three or four line summary of the scenario should be included in the e-mail itself. Again, maps are welcome, and indeed desirable, and should be submitted as described below.



Includes Inquisitor campaigns of any sort - whether they are simply strings of linked scenarios (as a campaign from one of the Inquisitor Conspiracies books might be), or complete settings into which a campaign can be set by a gm (as one of the Inquisitor Conspiracies books would be on a whole). Submissions should not be made at first in their complete form. Instead, a summary of no more than 1 A4 page of size 12, Times New Roman in Microsoft Word should be made first.


If submitters have pictures they wish to submit, such as maps for scenarios and battle reports, then they should attach them, in a separate folder, as per the Dark Magenta general submission guidelines, to the e-mail with which they are making their submissions.


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