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Background and Rules Submission Guidelines

All background and rules submissions must comply with the general guidelines for dark Magenta. In addition, the following apply:


Background writing is key for a narrative-driven game like Inquisitor. To that end, items, characters, organisations, and even whole worlds have been thought up by inventive Games Masters and players. If you wish to submit a background article to Dark Magenta, here are a few guidelines you should abide by.

  • Everything must remain faithful to the Warhammer 40,000 Universe in which Inquisitor is set. This obviously means no tampering with the established background – there will be no discovering the lost two First Founding Chapters, nor will the Emperor’s name be revealed, etc.
  • What we’re looking for is things to really fire the imagination – secretive cults, new factions, or heroic deeds by a noteworthy soul. If you have pictures to add to these articles, they will be more than welcome.
  • Stylistically, articles designated as ‘in character’ reports are more than welcome, but should you wish to go to town on fonts, pictures and all other associated things, please submit a plain, text-only copy of the document first, and state what it is you wish to do, style-wise.
  • Articles should be at least 2,000 words (Times New Roman, size 12 font, please) in length.


The rules of Inquisitor are one of its strengths – it allows flexibility to its players. Despite this, there are still some basic guidelines that are applicable to any rules related article that is submitted.

  • No tampering with the core rules, such as movement or combat. Inquisitor has a rules review committee to deal with such things. ‘House rules’, however, are acceptable and provide insight as to what others are doing in their games – these may be best included in a larger article, unless you have a lot of them!
  • Things such as new Character Archetypes are what we’re looking for – thought up an original idea for a character, from the lowest mutie-hunter to the highest Navis Nobilite duellist? Share it! But please include a picture of your model, and if possible include concept sketches and maybe some tips for building it. These pieces should be submitted in full, at least 2,000 words (Times New Roman, size 12 font, please) in length, and with pictures attached.



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