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If you’re interested in writing an article for Dark Magenta, we’d love to see what ideas you have in your head. Reading over the following paragraphs should help you work out what needs to be done before submitting an article.


The first thing that you need to know is that if your article is accepted for publication, you will be handing over copyright and all rights to the material to Dark Magenta. You will, of course, be fully credited for your work should we publish it. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all submitted articles are unpaid.

Note that copyright is handed over only if we choose to publish the article. If we reject an article, then copyright remains with the author, and the article may be published elsewhere.

If you are happy to continue, then the next stage is to consider the subject matter and content of your submission. There are a few pertinent questions you need to ask yourself about the article you are planning before you begin typing.

Is this article about the Inquisitor game?

Dark Magenta is a publication about the Inquisitor game system, and we won't publish submissions we don't believe fit with the Inquisitor ethos. While other games may of course be mentioned in articles, the body of the piece should be about the Inquisitor game system.

What should I write about?

We have a wide selection of article subjects that we would consider to be acceptable. A deliberately inexhaustive list, given in no particular order, is:

  • Battle Reports, Scenarios, or Campaigns.
  • Modelling, Painting or Terrain Building Masterclasses.
  • Fan reviews of events, tournaments etc.
  • Imaginative Character Archetypes.
  • Fan Fiction in an Inquisitor context – think Eisenhorn, not Gaunt’s Ghosts.

What shouldn't I write about?

Although we will accept opinion articles, letters and replies to previous articles, please make sure that your submission does not come across as "bashing" others. Dark Magenta has to represent a wide range of Inquisitor fans and we are not obliged to give a podium to opinions we deem inflammatory.

We will probably reject articles focusing on new core rules (e.g. “I think the awareness rules should work like this…”) or creating fan versions of the game. If we choose to enter into this area in an unofficial capacity, articles will be by invitation only.

Articles that simply list long tables of new skills or equipment with no context are boring. If you have an idea for a new skill, weapon or piece of equipment, insert it into a larger article where it is appropriate. (Basically, tell us who would have this skill or use this equipment).

Inquisitor is an opportunity to explore the galaxy away from the front lines, so we're not looking for articles that simply offer rules for standard Warhammer 40,000 troop types in Inquisitor. Saying, “Here are my rules for a Tau Fire Warrior”, will not get you published.

If you are in doubt about whether your article subject is appropriate, you are welcome to contact us in advance.

How long does the article need to be?

We don't stipulate word counts for Dark Magenta articles, as we don't want to encourage someone to make an article longer or shorter than it needs to be. Please note, however, that if our editors get bored reading your piece or feel it is lacking in substance, then it won’t get accepted! In other words, use as many words as you need, not as many words as you want…

Is it appropriate to and in keeping with the game's background?

Games Workshop has spent many years developing and refining its award-winning Intellectual Property (background, characters and other intangible images and text), and we have no interest in damaging that.

More than any other game, Inquisitor players have a deep-rooted love of the Warhammer 40,000 mythos and imagery, which is why they play a game that lets them delve deeply into that mythos. Every member of the Dark Magenta editorial board is a fanatical Inquisitor gamer, and we will not accept articles that we deem to jar with established background canon.

What if I’ve submitted to Fanatic Online?

Although this is now an unlikely problem for us to have, we do however need to address it.

The submission guidelines outlined for Fanatic Online mean that if you previously submitted an article to them, regardless of whether or not it has been published, then they own the copyright for that article. Unfortunately, if you have submitted an article to Fanatic Online, we cannot accept the article for publication in Dark Magenta.

By submitting, you affirm that your article has not previously been submitted to Fanatic Online, and that you currently hold the copyright for the work.


Do you accept articles about 28 mm Inquisitor gaming?

Absolutely. Our current editor-in-chief has run multiple Inquisitor events in 28mm scale, and will happily publish articles for the scale.

We will however reiterate some points from elsewhere on this page:

  • We expect all articles to be respectful. While your article may be in 28mm or 54mm, we may reject or edit articles we deem to be being hostile to other gamers.
  • Dark Magenta is an Inquisitor magazine. If an article comes across as a more general Warhammer 40,000 piece rather than an Inquisitor piece, we will probably reject it.

Other than that, please make sure that your article uses in-game 'yards' as its measurements; anything referring to 'inches' is liable to cause confusion for those used to playing in other scales.

How do I increase my chances of getting published?

Articles that have been well tested and which are more “complete” are more likely to be published.

For example, if you’re outlining a new character archetype, a basic submission would be the background, the sample stat-lines and a sample character. A considerable improvement on this would be to include pictures of the converted model for your sample character, and even better would be showing us how you went about putting together and converting the model.

Pictures are always going to improve and help an article, be they of models, a battle or a convention you’ve attended. Please make sure they’re of decent quality though!

How do I submit work to Dark Magenta?

The text

We prefer work submitted in Microsoft Word, but will accept any of DOC, DOCX or RTF. We do not accept hand written or typed submissions - we will need access to a digital copy of your work.

Make every effort to set out your article neatly and consistently. Please give every article a title, followed by the author's name, then a brief description of the article's subject. You may then launch into the body text of the article itself.

Please proof-read your work. It is best to go over the entire document at least twice, and you may wish to try leaving your work for until the next day and then reading it through fresh eyes. Getting a friend to read and critique the article is also an excellent idea. Never submit a first draft, and please use a spelling/grammar checker before submitting. We're prepared to overlook a few errors, but an article full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar will most likely be rejected!

All articles should be written in English. Please avoid the use of profanity or obscure slang in the main text. (Although it may be acceptable in moderation for things said "in universe" by a character.)

The pictures

Any picture scans, maps or diagrams should accompany the submission as separate files and indicate in the text of the article where they should go, using a coloured font. Do NOT embed pictures directly in the document.

Please think about the composition of your pictures - make sure that the majority of models are facing toward the camera, that the subject isn't too small, or that there's large amounts of empty space. Please also make sure that the image is not overly dark, washed out, or noisy - and, most importantly, that things are in focus.

Pictures should be submitted as JPG or PNG files.

A biography

Authors are invited to include a small biography for inclusion in the article, with an accompanying photo of themselves if they please.

Sending it to us

Once you are happy with your article, the submission process is easy:

  • Send your article as an attachment (along with any images) to (We hope to update this email address soon)
  • Put the article title in the subject line, accompanied by a brief description of the article in the body of the e-mail.

Terms and Conditions

Important - Please read and make sure you understand the following points before submitting your work to us.

  • Submission of material to Dark Magenta is taken as an agreement that if published the copyright in the article is unconditionally assigned by the author as beneficial owner and with full title guarantee to Dark Magenta.
  • We also reserve the right to edit and/or amend all material as we see fit.
  • If you do not wish to assign copyright in this way, please do not send us your submission.
  • The act of submission does not guarantee publication.
  • The editor's decision is final.
  • Articles that are not published will be returned to the author, and the copyright of said article remains with the author in such cases.



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