Dark Magenta was originally published as full issues of several articles. These full issues are collected here.

Dark Magenta #1 - Issue 1

Dark Magenta #2 - Issue 2

Dark Magenta #3 - Issue 3

Source Books

Continuing on the theme of Games Workshop's own Thorian Sourcebook, these sourcebooks deal with other philosophies within the Inquisition.

Amalathian Sourcebook

Istvaanian Sourcebook

Recongregator Sourcebook

Article Downloads

A Twist In The Tale
Scenario Components & Plot Twists, by Robey Jenkins

An Acolyte's Tutelage
Discussing Inquisitor, by Ruaridh Dall, Robey Jenkins and Derek Gillespie

Brute Violence and Childlike Faith
Using Ogryns in Inquisitor, by Dave Knowles

Competition Brings Out the Best in Us
The Conclave Hobby Competition 2009, by Dave Knowles

Data Transfer
Sample Scenario & Battle report, by Gavin Fry

Everything You’ve Been Told (about women) is a Lie
Creating convincing female characters in Inquisitor, by Keiran Mathers

(Dis)Honour is Everything
Foul play and dirty tricks in Inquisitor, by Cameron Swarbrick

He's More Machine Now Than Man
More in-depth Tech Priests, by Dave Knowles

Huge Chunk Of Man
Utilising Space Marines, by Gav Fry

Oh To Be An Inquisitor (Part 1)
A guide to The Inquisition, by Ben Hulston

Oh To Be An Inquisitor (Part 2)
A guide to The Inquisition, by Ben Hulston

Reach for the Sky
Building a 54mm Valkyrie and Arvus Lighter, by Dave Knowles

The Fickle Warp
Rules for Sorcery, Warp Predators and Psychic Malignancies, by Ruaridh Dall

The Sanctioning Brand
Expanding the Psyker Archtype, by Ruaridh Dall

The Scent Of Betrayal
Colour Text, by Ruaridh Dall

The Autoquill is Mightier than the Sword
Charters, texts and mandates, by Joseph Garvin

Telling Tall Tales
Running a campaign, by Ruaridh Dall

The Hive Maiden
Using Ynek's character Creation Process, by Kenny Gardner

The Rewards Of Tolerance
Battle Report, by Ruaridh Dall, Jeremy Lowe and Derek Gillespie

Things that Dwell in Darkness
Hrud in Inquisitor, by Joseph Garvin


Inquisitor Introduction Leaflet

Inquisitor Introduction Leaflet By Dave Knowles


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